Katie Couric on Ginsburg and Kaepernick controversy: 'I regret I didn't ask a follow-up question'

On Tuesday, Katie Couric dropped by “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” where she discussed her recent admission that she protected Ruth Bader Ginsburg by editing a 2016 interview. The former Supreme Court justice referred to Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest as ‘dumb and disrespectful.’ Apparently Couric was confused by part of Ginsburg’s response.

“There was one statement that I thought I didn't quite understand what she meant,” Couric said. “I didn't ask a follow-up saying, ‘Can you clarify that?’ And I ended up not using it.” Later adding, “So what I regret is that I didn't ask a follow-up question.”

Couric admitted she should have included the quote in her original video, but that she let her humanity get in the way.

“You know, honestly the human side of me was like she's older, is she confused about it?” Couric said. ““I think it's really important for people to acknowledge when they probably have erred the wrong way.”

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