Katy Perry and Girlfriends Are ‘Goofy Goddesses’ Rocking Bikinis on Beach Trip

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Katy Perry shows off her killer bikini body in a series of photos from a girls’ beach trip. (Photos: Katy Perry via Instagram)

Katy Perry may not be part of Taylor Swift’s girl squadthe feud continues — but that’s cool ’cause she has her own girl gang.

The “Chained to the Rhythm” singer, who is single after her recent breakup with Orlando Bloom (but that’s between them), is on a beach vacation with a gaggle of girlfriends. She posted a series of photos of them posing in the surf, dubbing herself and her friends “goofy goddesses.”

Katy Perry and her girlfriends are on a beach vacation. (Photo: Instagram)

And goddesses they are. Katy, 32, and company are lounging by the shoreline in itty-bitty bikinis (hers is a zigzag number showing off her curves) as they sip drinks from coconuts.

But a wave comes in and crashes their party, leading to some open-mouth screams, including one by the newly blond pop star.

Katy Perry and her girlfriends nearly lost their drinks when a wave crashed their photo op. (Photo: Instagram)

Luckily, Katy saved her drink — that’s all that matters when you’re on the beach.

Katy Perry, with her girlfriends, saved her drink because that’s the hero she is. (Photo: Instagram)

For the record, whatever Katy is sipping with her posse is likely nonalcoholic. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly she said, “Today I’m sober.” However, she did note, “I don’t know about tomorrow! One day at a time, right?” … so maybe she is indulging.

On Wednesday, the songstress shared her first photo from her beach vacay. Wearing a retro swimsuit (swim dress?) and a “Start Me Up” hat. Katy, who gets political on her upcoming album, sat on a rock reading The Destruction of Hillary Clinton. The Hillary loyalist later posted a quote about curiosity.

Katy’s vacation won’t last long. She is set to appear as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on May 20. That’s where she’ll likely make the TV debut of her single “Bon Appétit” — and probably also get (more) political, appearing in a sketch or two, because she has said she’s moving into an era of “purposeful pop.”

But for now, it’s girlfriends, bikinis, sand, and tropical drinks. Hey, it’s important to be well-rounded.

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