Katy Perry Goes Dares to Go Topless Under an Open Coat at Balenciaga’s Couture Show

Katy Perry wore one of her most daring looks yet to Balenciaga’s haute couture show in Paris today. The singer stepped out wearing an open black coat, with no top underneath and just her bare skin showing. She paired the risqué piece with ripped leggings and heels. Her dark hair was styled in a long ponytail braid.

katy perry at balenciaga's paris fashion week show
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis - Getty Images
katy perry at balenciaga
Vanni Bassetti - Getty Images
katy perry at balenciaga's paris fashion week haute couture show
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis - Getty Images

This ensemble is the latest example of Perry’s streak of bold outfits abroad. Yesterday, the singer wore a red minidress with a long train to the Ritz Hotel, where she hosted a listening party for her upcoming single, “Woman’s World.” The dress’s train had song lyrics emblazoned on it.

katy perry arriving in her red minidress
Getty Images
katy perry arriving in her red minidress
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Perry is gearing up for her big return to music—and scaling up her public appearances in support of her single’s release. “Woman’s World” comes out on July 11, and she told fans in Paris that she was planning to tour again, too.

Perry, of course, has spent the last six years as a judge on American Idol. She finished her seventh and last season as a judge last month.

She previously spoke to ABC’s On The Red Carpet about how the TV experience changed her—and made her ready to focus on her own music again.

“It’s opened my heart, it’s reinspired me, every season, it’s humbled me, it’s given me an education that I couldn’t have found anywhere else,” she said. “It continued to show me what America looked like year after year, rather than just living in my own bubble. It made me feel connected to humanity. I feel like I see myself in everyone and therefore I feel the love.”

“My parting words are thank you America,” she added. “I know sometimes I put my foot in my mouth, sometimes I'm a little polarizing. Sometimes I just shoot from the hip. But I love you and I learned and I grew and, what I really do is shoot from the heart.

“It’s been an amazing journey, all seven seasons, thank you for inviting me into your homes, letting your kids watch even though you were probably a little nervous with it being me. I love America and I’m so excited to go back out to all of America to tour one of these days soon.”

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