Katy Perry Got a New Tattoo in Honor of Her Las Vegas Residency

It's an end-of-tour tradition.



At the end of every tour, Katy Perry comes back with a new tattoo — from her rainbow prism ankle tattoo to celebrate the success of her Prism World Tour to the Saturn inking on her wrist following 2018's Witness Tour. And now that her Las Vegas residency, Play, will be soon coming to close, she's adding one more to her collection. 

On Friday, Katy revealed she was keeping up with her end-of-tour tradition while sharing a video of herself getting tatted by tattoo artist Liz Kim on her Instagram Story. "You guys know what it is? I bet you can't guess what I'm getting right now," the singer could be heard saying in the short clip, before adding: "I am getting my tour tattooed, it's a tradition."

On the next slide, Perry showed off her new ink, which included a cartoon drawing of a red-and-white mushroom on the inside of her finger. One of Katy's tour costumes featured a red vinyl bodysuit with fringed chaps and a matching mushroom headpiece, and she also brought a piece of her Vegas residency to the Saturday Night Live stage with the same outfit and a group of singing and dancing mushrooms. 

<p>Katy Perry Instagram</p>

Katy Perry Instagram

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Perry first kicked off her Las Vegas residency in December 2021, where she performed some of her most popular hits — including "California Gurls," "I Kissed a Girl," and, of course, "Waking Up in Vegas" — on a set that was designed to look like mashup between Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and PeeWee's Playhouse.

Once Katy is done with her last eight shows in Vegas, she plans to go on tour soon thereafter. "I know there's a lot of people who couldn't make it to Vegas," Perry said during an interview with Out. "The last time I was on tour was in 2018. I'm… due. How about that? I'm due to go out and see the kids that couldn't make it to Vegas." She continued, "Closing a chapter on Play allows me to start a new chapter. I'm so excited for the potential of my story to continue."



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