Morro Bay Harbor Patrol rescues swimmer near Morro Bay sandspit

The Morro Bay Harbor Patrol rescued a girl who got stuck while swimming near the Morro Bay sandspit on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Morro Bay Harbor Patrol Officer Jeremiah Jacobs, two girls went paddle boarding in Morro Bay.

The girls paddled through the bay, then hiked across the sandspit to the ocean to swim, Jacobs said.

One of the girls lost sight of the other in the water, and called 911 from the shore at about 2:40 p.m. for help, Jacobs said.

The surf was larger today than was forecast, Jacobs said, with a few sets of waves that were larger than the swimmer anticipated.

She got sucked out to sea for a short period of time, but managed to paddle back to the sandspit before Harbor Patrol arrived, Jacobs said.

“She was pretty wiped out,” Jacobs said. “She did swallow some water.”

Harbor Patrol officers arrived on the scene less than 10 minutes after they received the call with a boat and jet ski, Jacobs said. The U.S. Coast Guard also responded to the call, he said.

Upon arrival, the Harbor Patrol sent a jetskier to the shore to talk with the swimmers.

A rescue swimmer then swam out to the sandspit, and brought the two girls to the Harbor Patrol boat.

By 3:30 p.m., the Harbor Patrol delivered the swimmers back to the dock without injuries.

Both girls are younger than 18 and live in San Luis Obispo County, according to Jacobs.