Keep your cars in the driveway when pruning season starts

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Spring maintenance will be starting around town in the near future and that includes pruning trees on Town property.

Pruning the trees is necessary to prevent overhang on roads, sidewalks, driveways, streetlights and road signs.

Overhanging branches can block road signs causing a dangerous situation for motorists.

They can also prevent a hazard for pedestrians and property in case of a branch failure and limbs coming crashing down.

It should be noted that trees are all different. Some species and sizes require different types of maintenance which may affect the look of the tree, but the pruning is necessary to establish a good structure in the tree.

Crews will be working in Alliston, Beeton, and Tottenham.

A start date has not yet been announced, however the Town will provide street names at the beginning of each week where crews will be working.

To ensure a good working area and keep your car from being damaged, residents are asked to park in their driveways and not park under or near Town trees when work is scheduled.

Crews will be pruning trees, stacking brush in boulevards, and cleaning up before the end of each day.

Expect some dust and debris on the streets as a result of the work but crews will be making an effort to clean it all up before leaving.

During the pruning work, if a tree is deemed a hazard, it will be removed immediately or will be marked with an “X” and removed at a later date.

If removed, the stump will be scheduled to be ground to make room for a new tree as quickly as possible, in priority sequence, hopefully in the following planting season.

All work performed will be done under the supervision of a qualified arborist.

If you have any questions about the tree pruning operation you can direct queries to the administrative staff in the Town's Public Works Department.

Brian Lockhart, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, New Tecumseth Times