Keke Palmer says ex Darius Jackson repeatedly abused her, once slamming her into a staircase over a bikini photo

  • Keke Palmer was granted a restraining order following an alleged altercation with ex Darius Jackson.

  • In her request for the order, Palmer recounted a Nov. 5 incident, in which she said Jackson threw her over a couch.

  • Palmer said Jackson had abused her before and she feared for herself and her son.

Actor and comedian Keke Palmer filed a restraining order Thursday against Darius Jackson, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her son.

In it, she accused Jackson of being physically and emotionally abusive.

The Los Angeles Superior Court granted Palmer the order, seen by Insider, which grants temporary full custody of their 8-month-old son Leodis to Palmer and prohibits Jackson from visiting.

She filed the request after an incident on November 5, in which she says Jackson entered Palmer's home without permission and then refused to leave.

While there, Palmer said in her request, Jackson "physically attacked me, knocked me over my couch and pinned me down, and stole my phone after I threatened to call the police."

Palmer provided still images of the incident, which were obtained from surveillance video taken by a camera installed inside her home.

According to Palmer's declaration, Jackson had a history of abuse.

In 2022, he destroyed her diaries and stomped on a pair of her glasses, she said.

She recalled another occasion when Darius "choked me and body slammed me onto the stairs in my home after becoming violently jealous and irrationally angry over a bikini picture."

In her filing, Palmer also said that Jackson owned a handgun and had threatened to kill himself if she left him.

Palmer's mother, Sharon Palmer, took to social media on Friday to
call out both Darius Jackson and his brother, Sarunas, an actor who appeared on the show "Insecure."

She said Sarunus knew his brother was abusive, and Sarunus himself had admitted to being an abuser in the past.

"I dare you, mess with my family. family means everything to me! you and your family act like sociopaths and like the world can't see it. you are phony! and i saw you from day one, my daughter is kind and our family treated you with kindness and this is how you treat it. i won't take this laying down anymore IM DONE !" the caption on her video read.

Sarunus Jackson responded to Sharon Palmer's claims in the comment section of a Shade Room Instagram post: "Quote me: I NEVER ONCE SAID THAT to Sharon. NOT ONCE IN MY LIFE. I have NEVER been abusive to any of the women I ever been involved with. I'm not going to keep on with this circus. But Sharon, the world is about to hear YOUR VOICE. Very soon. And the threats you made to my family. Be well everyone.. I know it's easy to get caught up in this but make no mistake that all of this is VERY sad."

Darius Jackson and lawyers for Keke Palmer did not respond to Insider's request for comment.

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