Kelly Clarkson can't take her eyes off 'Voice' contestant: 'It was inappropriate!'

The Battle Rounds came to an end on The Voice Monday night, but before they were over, newly single Kelly Clarkson had her eyes all over Team Blake Shelton's alpha-male nomad musician Ian Flanigan.

“I was like, glued to you. Like, it was inappropriate! I was like, ‘I gotta stop looking!’” Kelly gasped, after she’d witnessed Ian’s grizzled duet with retro-rocker Aaron Scott on “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. “I would listen to you sing ‘You Are My Sunshine.’ You have such a storyteller vibe, and I’m attracted to that.”

Blake apparently had noticed Kelly’s heart-eye stare as well, quipping, “I saw her doing that, by the way. I looked down the aisle and thought, ‘What’s Kelly doing?’”

Unfortunately for Kelly, she was out of steals, or else Ian might've been already gone from Team Blake and onto Team Kelly. However, fortunately for Kelly, Blake kept Ian on his team, so what we're telling you is... there's a chance. Now that it's pretty clear Kelly is aware of who Ian Flanigan is by now, when the Knockout Rounds kick off on Tuesday, if she has a chance to steal him, she’ll probably be the first to hit her red button.

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