Kelly Clarkson moved to tears by 'Voice' contestant's emotional performance

During the final night of the Knockout Rounds on The Voice Monday night, Kelly Clarkson found herself moved to tears over Team John Legend's soulful singer, Shadale.

Shadale sang "Impossible" by Shontelle, a song that she said is very special to her because, at one point in her life, when her family was homeless, Shadale felt that becoming a singer was an "impossible" dream. On Monday, that genuine emotion that came through her performance resonated with Kelly.

"Shadale, it's such an important thing in the Knockouts to show us who you are and what you're feeling, and I know, at the very end, like, what," said Kelly as her voice broke. The coach needed to take a moment as her eyes began to water, before she added, "That song, it's really hard to tap into, like, your emotions and still be able to carry the song. And I know at the very end, you got very emotional. It was just such a perfect song choice, and, you know, I obviously connected to your message and… I would go with Shadale."

Shadale's coach John Legend agreed and, after comparing her to Mary J. Blige, said she was the clear winner.
"Shadale made every coach feel everything she was communicating," said John. "She won this Knockout by being connected to the song, and I'm very curious to see how she taps into that in the following rounds."

"I think that's the beautiful thing about music, is that you never know when something's gonna hit you or move you, and Shadale, like, shook me," admitted Kelly.

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