Kelly Clarkson reveals the one song she’s ‘afraid to cover’

Luis Fonsi was Team Kelly’s advisor for the second battle rounds on “The Voice,” Monday. While Clarkson’s team loves to jam to his mega hit song “Despacito,” the coach herself revealed it’s the only song she’s too afraid to touch.

“I just realized something,” Clarkson told Fonsi. “You have the one song in history I'm afraid to cover, ‘Despacito.’"

Considering Clarkson rose to stardom covering songs as a contestant on “American Idol” and she often sings covers during the “Kellyoke” segment on her talk show, her admission came as a big surprise to her many fans. Fans on Twitter hoped that someday she’ll sing Despacito, while Fonsi understood her apprehension.

“It is a lot of lyrics,” said Fonsi. “It's wordy for me.”