Kelly Osbourne has severe allergic reaction to the sun on 'Battle of the Network Stars'

Kelly Osbourne was on Battle of the Network Stars, a show that is primarily lit by the sun. And seeing that she is the daughter of the Prince of Darkness — Ozzy Osbourne — it shouldn’t been a surprise when she revealed she’s allergic to the sun.

After becoming dizzy, Osbourne said, “I truly am allergic to the sun. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into today.”

Despite carrying a “sun-brella” around and swimming in a full-body swimsuit, the TV personality struggled with the celestial body the Earth orbits. After getting out of the swimming pool she said, “I got dizzy again. … The sun is not good for me.”

After she visited the medic, Osbourne managed to recover quickly — though her ego was a little bruised. “I’m really embarrassed, ’cause I didn’t want to be the one that let the team down and be, like, the one in the corner, like, with oxygen. But my pulse is back to normal, and I’m fully hydrated, so fingers crossed that I’ll be able to keep going for the rest of the day.”

Osbourne did return — and even helped her team win one of the competitions.

Battle of the Network Stars airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. Watch clips and full episodes of Battle of the Network Stars free on Yahoo View.

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