Kelly Ripa Celebrates Daughter Lola’s Sweet 16

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Kelly Ripa will soon have two of her kids chauffeuring her around.

The Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host’s daughter Lola celebrated her sweet 16 with a party attended by the family. Kelly, her hubby Mark Consuelos, and their sons, Michael, 20, and Joaquin, 14, flanked the birthday girl as they posed in front of a custom graffiti wall background.

The birthday girl wore a sparkly party dress and sandals for her bash, making her look even older than her 16 years. Mama Kelly, 46, captioned the family group pic, “Sweet or sour still 16!” with all the necessary birthday emojis.

Mark, who appears in the show Riverdale, also posted a selfie with his girl, who looks a lot like him, but totally has her mom in her too. “Sweet sixteen AF!!! How time flies,” wrote the 46-year-old actor. “Happy bday Lolz!!”

In an interview with ABC News in 2015, as she readied to send Michael off to college, Ripa talked about how quickly her kids have grown up. “I keep looking at them, for some reason to me, they will always be in 2nd grade, in my mind,” she said of her trio. “People used to say, enjoy these moments when they are little. Mark and I were so sleep deprived and … it felt so permanent. But people said it goes in the blink of an eye. And we blinked.”

Lola was with her mom in May when Ripa was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. The brunette is taller than her famous mom and looked destined for a life on red carpet.

But first? Driving. And now that Lola is 16, we’ll recycle some of Ripa’s own advice to her as she readies to get behind the wheel with her only daughter. And that was: “When driving with teenagers always remember a second pair of underpants.”

Oh, that Kelly has a way with words — and a way with raising those three beautiful children, who seem well-adjusted.

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