Kelly Ripa Gives Major Health Update After Missing ‘Live’

Kelly Ripa Gives Major Health Update After Missing ‘Live’

Kelly Ripa finally returned to Live with Kelly and Mark on Monday, December 4 after being out sick last week.

The host, who was greeted with a ton of applause when she took the stage, revealed to her husband and co-host, Mark Conseulos, that she is feeling "1,000% better" after what sounded like a grueling few days. "I never appreciate how healthy I am until I'm not," she said. "And then, I'm such a baby and such an angry patient."

Quickly after, Kelly and Mark, who agreed that his wife was "really sick," got into a little tiff about how, erm, particular Kelly can be when she's not feeling well. "You come down[stairs], and everybody kind of starts backing away, and you get upset," Mark said. "You get offended — we don't want to get sick."

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Kelly quickly clarified that she's not offended, but is surprised by how her family starts "harassing" her because she's left her bedroom. "I'm so conscientious about spreading viruses in my house [that] I came downstairs in surgical gloves and a mask, so spare me all of your 'she's going to get me sick' because guess what? One of you got me sick,” she said.

But things were quickly resolved when Mark revealed how much he missed his wife. "I finally slept back in bed last night, and it was so nice," he said. "I do not sleep without you in bed. I don't."


Well, we're glad Kelly is feeling better, and that Mark is getting a good night's sleep!

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