Kelly Ripa Had Some Thoughts About Having to Share Mark Consuelos With His “Girl”

Move over, Kelly Ripa — it looks like Mark Consuelos has another girl in his life.

The married couple and Live With Kelly and Mark co-hosts celebrated National Love Your Pet Day during the February 20 episode by opening up about their relationships with pups Chewy and Lena. Kelly immediately presented the audience with a sweet photo of her husband holding their younger dog, Lena, to illustrate the duo's especially close bond.

"That's my girl," Mark said affectionately when he saw the picture.

"Talk about two people in love," Kelly replied. "I've never had a situation where a dog has been possessive of Mark," she began, before recalling a recent interaction where Lena got adorably protective over him at home.

"The other night we were cuddling and Mark was petting Lena, but then he reached over and he gave me a little rub. Because I get a rub too. I get a belly rub," Kelly explained. "I start petting you," Mark chimed in.

"And Lena freaked out and I videotaped it," Kelly said, before rolling the adorable footage of Lena jumping up and down and nipping at Mark's fingers as he got a little too close to Kelly.

"I will not stand for this," Kelly jokingly said on Lena's behalf. "In the words of Sade, this ain't no ordinary love," she concluded.

When fans saw Kelly's reaction to Mark's untouchable bond with Lena, it didn't take long for them to declare how much they loved seeing the dog's safeguarding side.

"Awww protection 😂😂😂 🐶 ❤️❤️❤️," one person wrote in the comments on Instagram. "Soooo adorbs! I have a shihitzu and he is the same way! Lol," another replied. "That is the cutest and yes they are very possessive over you," a different follower added.

Looks like Kelly has some ruff competition!

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