Kelly Ripa wants you to know she didn’t have a nose job — and she doesn’t have veneers, either


Kelly Ripa (Photo: Getty Images)

When people troll celebrities online, they might not think the stars will actually see their comments. But plenty of famous people do scroll through the responses to their social media posts, and they might even respond to them. Kelly Ripa responded to an Instagram commenter who said she’d had a nose job and gotten veneers, saying that neither is true.

The comment came on an Instagram post Ripa shared on Monday. She posted two photos of herself and her husband, Mark Consuelos — one from 1995 and one from 2009. The commenter suggested that since the first photo was taken, Ripa had gotten a “new nose.” In another comment that seems to have been deleted, another person suggested that Ripa had gotten veneers too.


Well, the Live with Kelly and Ryan host wasn’t going to let the comments slide. She responded to the original comment with a simple “same nose.” In a second response, Ripa wrote to the original commenter, “good side, bad side plus makeup,” suggesting that the camera angles could explain why the fan thought she looked different in the two photos.

But when the accusation about veneers came into play, Ripa really went in with her response. Tagging the person who left the since-deleted comment, Ripa wrote, “I’m gonna tell you right now. No nose job, and no veneers. I wouldn’t be sleeping in a retainer every night if i had. You guys do know how to make a girl feel special.” Even though the original comment was deleted, the eagle-eyed manager of the Instagram account Comments by Celebs preserved the exchange.


Ripa’s response is a reminder that fans shouldn’t be so quick to body-shame celebrities or be critical of their looks. Famous people are still people, and words can still hurt. It’s also a reminder that body-shaming can come in all forms, and speculating about whether someone’s had plastic surgery isn’t OK. (And even if Ripa did have a nose job, it would still be rude to leave comments about it.)

Unfortunately, Ripa is only the latest star to be body-shamed on Instagram. Broadway actor Alysha Umphress recently called out a reviewer who mentioned her size. And in March, Selena Gomez called out body-shamers with an Instagram post about the “beauty myth” that makes women feel they have to look perfect.

And it’s an issue that affects men too. Grant Gustin, who stars in The Flash, recently defended himself against comments by fans who said he looked too thin in his new costume. Gustin wrote in an Instagram post that he’s naturally thin, and added that stress affects his appetite. He also called out the “double standard” he believes exists, writing that men can be body-shamed too. 

It’s easy to think that celebrities won’t see or care about hurtful comments like these. But no one is invincible, and body-shaming can sting no matter who you are. Ideally, clapbacks like Ripa’s may make trolls think twice before leaving rude comments in the future — and that would be a win for everyone.

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