Ken Lewenza considering run for Ward 7 council seat in Windsor

Heavy weight labour leader Ken Lewenza is contemplating running for the Ward 7 council seat vacated by Irek Kusmiercyzk who has moved on to represent Windsor-Tecumseh federally.

"We are having exploratory conversations," said Lewenza,

Lewenza spent two hours meeting with labour officials who are members of the local Guardian board Monday afternoon including Unifor Local 444 president Dave Cassidy, Local 2458 president Tulio DiPonti and former CAW official Gary Parent.

Lewenza said the meeting focused on the importance of strengthening the community and not on labour issues.

"How do we build a committed, generous community built on what we've done in the past but do better," said Lewenza.

Lewenza said labour officials approached him to run and are urging him to throw his hat in the ring.

"Colleagues, and friends and people in the community have reached out to me and I'm taking it seriously," said Kewenza.

"I've sat with Ken in the last couple of weeks and had some discussion with him on trying to encourage him to run," said Cassidy.

Lewenza said he will take two or three days to consult with people in the ward and others before making a firm committment. 

He has until March 13 to register as a candidate for the April 27 ward election.

Their are currently four other declared candidates.