Kenan Thompson does an impression of Hoda Kotb to Hoda Kotb

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Kenan Thompson, the longest running Saturday Night Live cast member, visited Today With Kathie Lee and Hoda and brought along his impressions of the show’s hosts. He brought to life what Hoda Kotb said was her worst nightmare: an SNL cast member doing an impression of her.

Thompson told Kotb, “My whole impression of Hoda is just about your smile. You’re very charismatic when you smile.”

He then proceeded to don a Cheshire Cat-like grin and say things like, “Good morning” and “Oh, Kathie Lee, stop.”

Despite Kotb saying an impression of her would be a nightmare, she seemed to love it, smiling and laughing throughout.

However, Thompson didn’t stop there. He did a wine-swilling impression of Kotb’s co-host, Kathie Lee Gifford, who wasn’t there.

He also did an impression of Today’s Al Roker, which he’s showcased before in this SNL sketch.

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