Kendall Walmart in trouble for perilous pastelitos, poor hand washing, unsanitary tools

Bad hand washing, lack of sanitizer and proper food safety with chicken wings and pastelitos got a Kendall Walmart Supercenter grocery in trouble with state inspectors on Monday.

Though Florida Department of Agriculture Inspectors Wenndy Ayerdis and Catalina Ordonez gave the lowest inspection result possible, “Re-Inspection Required,” it remained open. Ag Department inspectors can take equipment and areas of the business out of action with Stop-Use Orders, but can’t shut down a place the way state restaurant inspectors can after a failed inspection.

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Still, they can fire Stop Sales at food on their way to being bacteria breeders. That happened more than once.

What Inspectors Ayerdis and Ordonez found:

In the deli area, there was “no sanitizer available at the ware wash sink to sanitize equipment and utensils.”

Staying in the deli area, they saw a that a “food employee did not wash hands between entering and exiting the food preparation area and handling food items.”

Deli area food employees also seemed a little fuzzy on what “single use gloves” mean. They used them to “pick up ingredients in the kitchen area, then return to handle clean utensils for customer orders without changing gloves between tasks.”

A deli area hand wash sink didn’t have paper towels. Neither did a produce area hand wash sink.

Out in the retail area, near the energy drink sampling station, there wasn’t even a handwash sink. They moved the sampling station near the meat processing room.

“Carbon-encrusted pans used for baking breads found throughout the bakery area.”

Speaking of the bakery, “multiple trays of baked mini quesito and mini guava cheese strudel pastries” measured 78 degrees. Not only is that 37 degrees above proper cold holding temperature, but there was “no documentation showing the products are shelf-stable.” Stop Sales on all of them.

The chicken sliders and the orange chicken, which needed to be at 135 degrees for safe warm keeping, measured 77 and 97 degrees, respectively. In the deli area, buffalo chicken and ranch chicken wings weren’t being kept warm enough. If you stopped at the hot holding near the self checkout and grabbed rotisserie chicken or a chicken sandwich, neither was within 10 degrees of where they needed to be.

All of the above got hit with Stop Sales and the food was tossed.

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