Kenney to take his seat as UCP leader, as Alberta legislature starts spring session

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    I hope he wins and manages Alberta like a real Conservative and slashes spending and attracts business
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    Notley will make the next election about religion instead of policies that hurt the economy and the working class.
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    An early election would benefit Albertans,
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    George G
    There will be hope given to many Albertans when we have a Premier that will stand up for Albertans Oil and Gas Industry!
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    Canada has too many kardashian voters, ensuring trudiot's re-elections, that's why kenney and ambrose wisely declined to run for CP's leadership. They don't want to spend a long time in opposition.
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    Bye bye NDP. You will never return to power in AB.
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    Why doesn't that woman ever take that smug look off her face and start looking serious.? Nutley could care less about what happens as long as cash continues to flow into her pockets.
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    Living in sh1th0le Quebec, where politicians are more interested in not stirring up th separatists in fear of losing the next 4 years of the gravy train, I find Notley to be a good for Alberta leader.
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    All r 1
    Russia wanted Trump to win and for Hillary to lose. Russia is using the far-right agenda as a weapon to destroy Western democracy. Putin tricked fundamentalist Christians and is using them as vehicles to spread values that weaken societies like isolation, divisiveness and cultism. Putin is not an ally of the west. His missile program made that clear!
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    Kick Nutley's butt Kenney, she is running this great province into the ground and our children deserve better than an extra 50 billion dollars in debt. All the NDPee has done is tax and spend. No new ideas, just more debt.