Kensington Welcome Centre falls short on funding, won't open

There will be no visitor information centre for tourists in Kensington, P.E.I., this year.

A steering committee, with representatives from the town and local business, worked all winter trying to come up with a doable plan after the centre operated at a deficit last year.

The budget had been reduced to $25,000 by cutting staff in half, down to one full-time manager and a clerk. About $20,000 in funding had been secured.

"For the centre to operate effectively it would have relied on some commission and sales income from local vendors that would have been able to sell in the centre," said Derrick Hoare, president of the Central Coastal Tourism Partnerships.

"We weren't able to come up with a sustainable plan and who was going to be able to take on some of the risk that may be involved if the operating funds couldn't have been attained."

About 9,000 people visited the centre last summer.

Hoare said they've been advising businesses of internet sites and phone numbers to call if they get tourism questions.

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