Kent State graduate who posed with AR-10 rifle says NYC is awful and crime-ridden but enjoys its pizza

Kaitlin Bennett, pictured in New Jersey with Manhattan in the background, caused controversy when she posed with an AR-10 in her Kent State graduation pictures. (Photo: Kaitlin Bennett via Twitter)

Kaitlin Bennett became a hero of supporters of the Second Amendment when she posed at her alma mater, Kent State, for graduation photos. The 22-year-old carried both a cap that said “Come and take it” and an AR-10 rifle.

Ohio is an open-carry state; however, Kent State does not allow students to have weapons on campus, though visitors are permitted to do so. As a graduate visiting the university, she was “finally” allowed to arm herself.

Bennett, who founded the Kent State chapter of a right-wing media outlet called Liberty Hangout, was a proponent of students’ being able to carry concealed weapons on the campus.

Now, her more recent tweet, including a simple photo of a young woman posing in front of Manhattan, is drawing attention.

Bennett describes New York as “crime-ridden city” despite crime in New York being at its lowest since the 1950s.

She also claims that New York is awful because of its gun laws preventing her from carrying a handgun, despite standing in what appears to be Hoboken, N.J. New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and the lowest gun death rates.

But she is correct about one thing: The pizza is so good in New York. Honestly, the best you will ever have.

Perhaps we can start focusing on the real issues at hand here. Gun control New York pizza will always be better than Chicago-style pizza.

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