Kenya launches probe into fatal police shooting of protester

Kenya’s independent policing review body has launched an investigation into the death of a protester who was shot during the mass anti-tax demonstrations in the capital Nairobi on Thursday. The incident has sparked widespread outrage and intensified scrutiny of police actions amid the escalating protests.

The man named by authorities as Rex Masai was present at one of many protests against a controversial finance bill going through parliament, and was allegedly shot with live ammunition by a police officer.

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) said Friday it has “documented the death of Mr. Rex Masai allegedly as a result of police shooting and several serious injuries suffered by other demonstrators including police officers.”

On Thursday, a CNN team witnessed protesters being tear-gassed by police, resulting in a journalist being injured by a canister. Earlier in the week, mass arrests were recorded in Nairobi, with over 200 people detained by police, according to civil society groups.

“The Authority has this morning launched investigations into the fatal shooting and our investigation team has since established contact with the family of Mr. Masai,” the IPOA statement said.

IPOA called for “continued restraint by the police” and urged the members of the public “to be peaceful and conduct themselves within the confines of the law.”

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