Kerry Washington Revived a Hairstyle From the Depths of My 2012 Pinterest Board

Scandal fans, drop everything because Olivia Pope is back in the White House — well, not exactly, but Kerry Washington, who played the character, did visit and had a chat with Vice President Kamala Harris. For her meeting with the VP, Washington dipped into the 2010s archives for her blonde-highlighted milkmaid braids.

The actor shared two pictures of herself and Harris to Instagram on August 28, and these photos also happen to show her hair from two different angles. From the front, her blonde-highlighted braids form a crown that sits about an inch behind her hairline, and you can't tell where each braid begins or ends. The second photo shows a side video of this braided style and the pearl adornments she added to it. You might have to zoom in to see these tiny pearls, but in the midst of the plaits, a few of the pearlescent spheres poke through. The tiny hair accessory only added to this dainty hairstyle.

Just looking at Washington's hairstyle is taking me back to the 2010s. Back then I saw tons of braids in various styles, including milkmaid braids just like these, while scrolling through Pinterest.

Milkmaid braids might have gone out of fashion in the mainstream — and of course, there are always those who remain loyal to one hairstyle through the years — but it looks like this 2010s hair trend might become popular once again. In April, we spotted Meryl Streep with milkmaid braids and wispy curtain bangs. Lily Collins decided to go with an edgy remix of the 2010s style featuring a topknot and wispy side bangs in June. And now here is Kerry Washington with pearls adorning her classic version of the style.

We'll be here waiting to see if she or any other celebrities pop out with this braided hair — but we're almost certain they will.

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