Kerwood Park final phase two

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The extra centre fielder at Kerwood Park’s ball diamond is staying put as part of the cost-cutting measures taken to fit the park’s phase two improvements into its budget.

New lights and removing the on-field light standard were removed from the project along with new bleachers, resurfacing of ball diamonds and under the swing set, paving of most of the parking lot, sidewalks along both sides of the parking lot, corner markers for soccer fields, remote access to lock and open the new pavilion doors, and an entrance sign.

“We inserted some padding for that light standard until further review,” said public works manager Coulter Cahill.

The cuts had to be made after the four bids that came in were way over the $408,000 budget. The total cost was brought down to $403,000. Frank Van Bussel and Sons Ltd. was awarded the project in August.

Council approved the changes 3-0 at its Sept. 6 meeting. Deputy Mayor Mary Ann Hendrikx and Coun. Sue Clarke, who is the acclaimed mayor for next term, were not present.

Still staying in are the pickleball court, new lines on the basketball court, fencing along Kerwood Road, a backstop at the south diamond, a bit of parking lot paving and a paved walking path around the playground for accessibility, two dugouts, and a bit of concrete where people walk between the pavilions.

The pickleball court was added later in the process. The play area will be the official size of 20 by 44 feet long, plus a bit more room for those chasing the ball outside the lines.

When council was asked if they had any comments on the project, Coun. Mike Brodie took the opportunity to say he believed a change with the new washrooms was needed.

Brodie said he watched people at the fire department’s recent event trying to figure out that the washrooms are not divided by female and male.

“It is just so confusing. We need to have it male, female. You watch people and they’re just confused. They’re scared to go in. It’s just no good,” said Brodie.

Cahill responded that money was put aside to install lights that will let people know if the washroom was occupied.

The hope is to get phase two done this year before winter, though some things may have to wait until spring with the late start.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner