Kevin Durant fined $15,000 for obscene language

Watch what the Brooklyn Nets forward said earlier this week that earned another fine from the NBA, running his season total to at least $65,000.

Video Transcript

- You do have, though-- I mean, this is, whatever it is. 4 and 5. I think you guys are covering, like, 4,800 miles.

KEVIN DURANT: Who cares? It's a part of the game plan. It's part of who we are. We've been in the league. Like, we got young dudes. Who cares? They supposed to get up to play, you know? They throw [BLEEP] at you, you got to figure out how to work around it. And we still had an opportunity to win this game, you know? So who cares?

Like, that's what championship teams go through. It's a little adversity. They play little games within the season that you-- to help you get better. It's an opportunity for us to do the same thing. So I'm not making no excuses about no flights, or our schedule. Everybody's schedule [BLEEP] up. You know what I'm saying?

So, but the game. Let's talk about the game. Like I said, they made timely shots. They got, you know, like I said--

Be up 7 points, they hit threes. I mean, they felt confident in the fourth quarter knocking down shots. So that's why we lost.

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