Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle are considering baby number three

Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle are contemplating adding another little “Lovebug” to their family of four.

The 35-year-old musician and his partner, 36, spoke to Today in an interview published on 17 August about the possibility of welcoming an additional Jonas baby. Kevin joked about expanding their family with “more dogs”, but Danielle seemed keener to have a child.

“I would love another one,” she admitted. “There’s been a lot ... a lot going on with that, but I would love another [baby]. I love kids.” Meanwhile, the bass player left the topic open for debate, in saying, “You never know”.

Kevin talked about how he and his two brothers Joe, 33, and Nick, 30, along with their spouses Sophie Turner, 27, and Priyanka Chopra, 40, all share a group message titled, “The Jonas Family Chat”. Here, the obsessed parents send pictures of their children back and forth every day. Joe was described to be the most proactive about “capturing moments” with his two daughters.

The band of brothers started their concert series named “The Tour” on 7 August and will continue traveling and performing until June 2024. Both Kevin and Danielle’s daughters, Alena Rose, nine, and Valentina Angelina, six, are known attendees at their dad’s shows.

Speaking with People in 2022, the eldest Jonas brother reflected on their first experience watching him perform live. “The first time they ever saw a show was on the Happiness Begins tour, and having them in the audience and seeing them be a part of this part of my life is really cool,” he confessed.

“For so long, it wasn’t something that Dad was doing. When they’re there, all I’m doing is playing for them,” Kevin continued.

Yet, as much as the Camp Rock star loves to play for his children, the work-life balance proves difficult sometimes, especially as both girls continue to grow. He proclaimed: “I just want to be able to be present as much as possible and available as I can be even in the midst of being pulled in so many different directions with the challenges of our lifestyle.”

Kevin’s said his parenting philosophy is to always try and be present when he can.

He and Danielle welcomed Alena in February of 2014 and had Valentina in October of 2016. The two A-listers met in 2007 when Kevin was on vacation with his family in the Bahamas. Danielle had no idea who the Jonas brothers were then but agreed to date the eldest. Two years later, Kevin popped the question on her doorstep in New Jersey. Their nuptials took place that same year in a large Long Island, New York castle.

Recently, Danielle opened up about how she’s found being the wife of the rockstar difficult with the other two brothers married to already-famous women. She told LadyGang podcast about how she’s felt “less than” when she’s around Sophie and Priyanka.

“Because the two boys married somebody who, they’re actresses, they’re out there, everyone knows them. And I feel like I’m Danielle, you know, and it’s hard,” the mother of two said. “It’s also that like I’m out there celebrity-wise because I’ve married you. And that’s where it’s like: ‘Oh, I wanna have something else to my name too.’”