Kevin Ollie situation gets uglier with current UConn coach Dan Hurley's subpoena

Jack Baer
Dan Hurley is now involved in his predecessor's lawsuit. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

Former UConn head coach Kevin Ollie’s legal fight against his alma mater roped in yet another of the school’s employees.

This time, it’s current head basketball coach Dan Hurley, according to the Hartford Courant’s Alex Putterman and Dom Amore. Hurley was hired to replace Ollie in 2018 after the latter’s firing.

Hurley was reportedly served the subpoena in the early evening on Saturday, requiring his testimony in an arbitration hearing next week between Ollie and UConn. At issue will be whether Ollie is owed the $10 million remaining on his contract when the school fired him, supposedly with cause, after claiming to discover multiple NCAA violations.

Ollie’s legal team reportedly told the Courant that Hurley’s testimony will be “relevant to when the decision was made to fire Kevin Ollie.” Hurley’s hire was first reported on March 22, 2018, 12 days after Ollie’s firing.

UConn responded to its coach being subpoenaed with a bitter statement lambasting Ollie’s case.

Ollie’s current legal fight with UConn centers around whether UConn did or did not have cause to fire him. His firing was preceded by two straight losing seasons, but the school is arguing that Ollie’s NCAA violations — which have led to the school vacating wins plus a three-year show-cause penalty for the coach — was enough reason to invalidate the money in his contract.

Ollie also filed a racial discrimination complaint against UConn after his firing, but that was dismissed. He has also sued his former assistant coach for defamation.

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