KFC fried ‘rat’ is in fact chicken

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It may have been rodent-shaped but tests have confirmed that the piece of chicken that was claimed to be a rat last week was actually chicken.

Tests in an independent lab have apparently proved that the fried meat was definitely not a rodent, despite a customer’s claim to the contrary.

Devorise Dixon posted pictures of the fried meat from his three-piece meal that he’d bought in a Los Angeles branch of the fast food chain on Facebook and Instagram.

He then went on to claim that he had bit into the meat and said that it was “rubbery”.

Dixon added in a warning post: “It sent deep chills throughout my whole body!

“I’ve been feeling weird ever since.”

After putting the meat into a freezer, he went on to claim that he went back to visit the store to complain, adding: “Went back to KFC yesterday and spoke to the manager.

“She said it is a rat and apologised, it’s time for a lawyer!

“Be safe, don’t eat fast food.”

The story became worldwide news but KFC spokesman Rodrigo Coronel said that they had interviewed everyone at the restaurant in question - but that turned out not to be true.

Coronel said: “We did an internal investigation and talked to all employees.

“That statement is false.”

Some people had already cried foul as one of the angles on the picture appeared to show white chicken meat.

After tests confirmed the meat was chicken, Coronel has called on Dixon to “apologise and cease making false claims about the KFC brand”.

The company is also said to be considering legal action against Dixon.

Pictures courtesy of Facebook/Instagram