Kharkiv Oblast front quiets down - Half as many clashes on May 20 as day before

Vovchansk after second Russian offensive in Kharkiv Oblast
Vovchansk after second Russian offensive in Kharkiv Oblast

Fighting on the Kharkiv Oblast front quieted down on May 20, as Ukraine's General Staff reported half the number of combat clashes as the previous day, they announced in their 10:30 p.m. summary.

A total of 95 combat clashes took place throughout the day.

The Russians launched five missile strikes using six missiles, 39 air strikes (40 guided air bombs), and 309 drone strikes.

The invaders also fired 2,910 shots at Ukrainian positions using various types of weapons.

Ukraine’s Defense Forces inflict effective fire damage aimed at seizing the initiative on the battlefield and exhausting the enemy's offensive potential, the General Staff said.

The command post, an air defense vehicle, an artillery system, an ammunition depot, and three other strategic Russian objects were hit by missile troop forces and artillery, the General Staff reported.

There were nearly twice as many armed clashes on the Kharkiv Oblast front the day before, on May 19.

That day, Russian soldiers made five attempts to break through Ukrainian defenses near Staritsa, Liptsy, and Vovchansk.

Fighting is still ongoing at these sites, though the situation is under control. Ukrainian soldiers have carried out a series of assaults in some areas and measures to strengthen defenses in the area are ongoing.

The invaders suffered 26 casualties and lost 15 pieces of equipment on the Kharkiv Oblast front on May 20.

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The number of Russia’s attempts to advance increased to 13 on the Kupyansk front. Fighting continues near the villages of Synkivka and Stelmakhivka. No positions and territories were lost during the battles.

Three Russian attacks were repulsed near Siversk. Another battle is underway near Bilohorivka.

There were 13 clashes near Kramatorsk. One remains ongoing near Andriivka. The situation is tense but remains under control.

The enemy lost 190 people killed and wounded, and 12 units of military equipment. Three Russian warehouses were destroyed: two with ammunition, and one with fuels and lubricants.

25 assaults were repulsed on the Pokrovsk front on May 20. Seven more clashes are ongoing.

Ukrainian troops are taking measures to maintain the designated borders and are regrouping in separate areas.

Russian losses are still being clarified, but there have been at least 400 casualties since the beginning of the day. Defense Forces are taking measures to stabilize the situation.

The situation remains tense near Kurakhove. Ukraine’s Defense forces repelled eight enemy attacks. Three clashes are still ongoing.

High enemy activity is observed near Netailovo.

The Russian attempts to advance in the direction of Staromaiorske failed on the Vremivsk front.

The invaders do not give up their attempts to dislodge Ukrainian soldiers on the Prydniprovsk front, where the Armed Forces have bridgeheads on Dnipro River's left bank.

The Russians carried out four attacks near Oleshkivski Pisky — Krynky. No positions were lost in the battles.

The situation on the rest of the frontlines remains unchanged.

The Russians did not carry out any active offensive actions near Lyman, Toretsk, Hulyaipole, or Orikhiv.

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