Khartoum Hospital Targeted by Sudan Armed Forces, RSF Says

Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) said strikes on a hospital and other areas of Khartoum “caused the death and injury of dozens” of people on Monday, May 15.

The RSF said the Sudan Armed Forces targeted a number of areas in the capital, including the East Nile Hospital. A large part of the hospital was damaged, the RSF said.

The Sudan Armed Forces had yet to comment, and the RSF report of casualties has not been independently verified.

Video posted by the RSF shows parts of the hospital burned and damaged. The person filming the video said the strike happened on Monday morning.

“Sharq Alneel hospital has been exposed to airstrikes, as you can see, destruction to a large part of the hospital,” he is heard saying.

In the video, the recorder speaks to a man in a medical gown. The man also says the strike took place on Monday morning.

On May 11, both sides committed to protecting civilians and the movement of humanitarian aid in an agreement brokered by Saudi Arabia and the US. Credit: Rapid Support Forces via Storyful