Khloé Kardashian Just Wore the Sexiest Version of the Canadian Tuxedo

The best one since Justin and Britney.

Denim on denim has been in basically since the advent of time — or at least since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's iconic red carpet Canadian tuxedos circa 2001. Today, celebrities like Dakota Johnson and Dua Lipa keep the trend alive and well. And of course, the queen of denim and co-founder of Good American Khloé Kardashian is another proponent of the trend. But the reality star just upped the metaphorical ante when it comes to denim-on-denim moments with the sexiest jean two-piece.

<p>Greg Swales/Good American</p>

Greg Swales/Good American

On Wednesday, the businesswoman shared a selfie that captured her leaning up against a wall and looking into the distance all while wearing light-wash jeans and a very good long coordinating coat, sans a shirt. Kardashian wore the Belted Maxi Denim Jacket open and rested her flawlessly manicured hand over one side of the collar. She accessorized with a thick chain necklace and an oversized statement ring. Her long hair was worn in loose curls and parted down the middle, while her glam featured neutral tones, save for her thick black eyeliner.

<p>Greg Swales/Good American</p>

Greg Swales/Good American

"💙 Denim on Denim… my uniform 💙 @goodamerican," Kardashian captured the post.


The star's company is known for creating an expansive, size-inclusive denim collection that accommodates every jean-lover's needs — from current trends to classic silhouettes. "When Emma and I decided to do Good American almost six years ago now, it was something that was non-negotiable," Kardashian recently told InStyle. "We wanted everything to be size-inclusive. If we sold to retailers, they'd have to carry the full size range, you can't break it up. That means we want women to not just have great denim, but when we ventured into other categories, we wanted women to get the best of those, as well."

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