Kia unveils new logo and slogan, sets Guinness World Record for fireworks

Ronan Glon
·1 min read

Kia introduced its new logo by bringing out the fireworks — literally. It unveiled the design by setting a Guinness World Record in the skies above Incheon, South Korea, and it also revealed its new global brand slogan.

Every member of the Kia range will adopt the redesigned logo in 2021. It still spells out Kia, there are no surprises there, but the name is written in blue with a more stylized font and connected letters. Executives pointed out the logo was shaped to look like it's handwritten to signal the carmaker's commitment to its new brand purpose. We'll need to wait until January 15, when more details are released, to learn more about this newfound direction.

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Kia pointed out it's revamping nearly every facet of its business, and it launched the slogan "Movement that inspires" to reflect the change. It launched this process in late 2020, when it detailed a $25 billion product plan. It's focusing on electrified vehicles, and plans to introduce seven electric cars before the end of 2027, but it's also developing off-roaders, including a Humvee-like model being designed primarily for military use.

Not content with merely sending out a statement, Kia revealed its new logo during a fireworks display in its home country of South Korea. It launched 303 pyrodrones synchronized to fire off hundreds of fireworks, a show which set a new Guinness World Record for the most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) launching fireworks simultaneously.