Kids playing in Ohio woods found skull 55 years ago. Now remains identified as veteran

A group of children stumbled upon a skull in the woods of Ohio in 1968. Now — over half a century later — the remains have been identified as an Army veteran.

The children found the severed skull while playing in the woods in Eaton, located about 25 miles west of Dayton, on May 25, 1968, according to a news release from Moxxy Forensic Investigations.

A severely decomposed body was located 75 feet away, according to the agency, which uses genetic genealogy to investigate unknown human remains.

At the time, a coroner determined the remains likely belonged to a woman over 30 years old who may have suffered complications while giving birth.

But despite multiple investigations, the remains were never identified and were buried at a nearby cemetery.

At the request of a police detective, the body was exhumed in 2019 in order to extract DNA. Years later, Moxxy Forensic Investigations began working on the case and was able to establish a DNA profile.

The agency determined the remains had been incorrectly labeled as a female and, in fact, belonged to a male.

In March, it determined the remains belonged to a man named Albert Allen Frost.

Frost, the youngest of eight siblings, was born in 1935.

“He was a military veteran of the United States Army that proudly served his country,” the agency said. “In fact, he was known to wear his military issued Army jacket everywhere.”

Relatives described him as a reserved and rebellious individual who drifted in and out of their lives and was frequently homeless.

“He would get up and go as he pleased without any change of clothes except what was on his back,” Frost’s nephew said, according to the agency.

Frost was briefly married and had been arrested on larceny charges multiple times, the agency said.

He was last heard from around 1964, according to the agency, and his last known location was in Hamilton, about 25 miles south of Eaton. There were rumors he had been killed and secretly buried, though he was never reported as missing.

“Rest Easy Albert Frost,” the agency said.

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