Kids talk about what makes mom special in Q&A with the News

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As Mother’s Day approached, the News asked little Hatters to share their thoughts on moms and what makes them special.

The News: What is a mom?

Skye (Preschool): “A mom is when you get married and then you get to be a mom.”

D.O. (Grade 4): “She’s the one who takes care of you.”

Finley (Grade 3): “Somebody who gives birth to a baby and then they have to take care of it. Like, feed their baby and take care of it and if it gets sick, make sure it gets better.”

The News: What’s your favourite thing to do with your mom?

Liam (Preschool): “Get slushes and ice cream.”

Lucious (Grade 6): “My favourite thing is when me my mom just go walking. Sometimes me and my mom will talk about ourselves. And any problems we have. And stuff we love about each other. It’s just really calming.”

Finley (Grade 3): “I really like doing pretty much anything with her.”

Jayla (Grade 1): “That’s easy: grocery shopping! When me and my mom go grocery shopping, I always get to be like a little helper. Sometimes she puts me in the (cart) seat and I get to hold the list of things and tell her what’s next on the list.”

The News: Is being a mom hard?

Skye (Preschool): “Yes, because it’s hard to do the dishes for moms.”

Anikka (Grade 3): “No, because if you don’t have kids, it’s not hard.”

Jayla (Grade 1): “(On a regular day) they have to like work for their children. But then on Mother’s Day, the mom gets to be free and happy and her kids get to grant her with gifts.”

The News: What’s the best thing about moms?

Lucious (Grade 6): “The best thing about moms is that they’re with you all the time – by your side, no matter what.”

Anikka (Grade 2): “They love you with all their heart and soul and they always give you kisses or hugs.”

D.O. (Grade 3): “Their love and support.”

KENDALL KING, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Medicine Hat News

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