Kim Cattrall tells disappointed 'Sex and the City' fan to 'move on'

Jennifer Kline,

Kim Cattrall is standing her ground.

Recent reports say that Cattrall's disinterest or demands -- depending on who you believe -- dashed all hopes of a third "Sex and the City" movie, and some fans have attempted to take her to task for the decision.

"So I've seen you doing interviews on ageism yet I see you on [Instagram] saying you too old to play Samantha?" a fan named Josh tweeted to Cattrall. "I'm so confused!"

In a firm response, Cattrall replied, "Josh, I've played 'Sam' for 20 years. Am moving on and so should you. Try #SensitiveSkin my show on @Netflix."

The blunt but overall polite tweet satisfied the fan as well as others following their conversation: "I meant no disrespect to you, although it's upsetting there won't be a 3rd," Josh wrote. "I now understand where you are coming from & I respect ur choice."

Fans offered their support as well, with several tweeting to Cattrall that they respect her choice. "Anyone who wants to see you as Sam can watch the hundreds of hours you already played her. You don't owe anyone apologies," one tweeted.

We likely won't see any Twitter weigh-ins from the rest of the "Sex and the City" foursome. Sarah Jessica Parker hasn't been active on the site since 2014, and Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon have declined to speak openly about the drama.