Kim Kardashian Knows You're Frustrated Her Contour Kits Sold Out — Here’s What She's Doing About It

Kim Kardashian celebrates the Launch of KKW Beauty on June 20. (Photo: Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian entered the beauty biz with a bang on Wednesday, launching her line, KKW Beauty, with just one product, the $48 dollar Crème Contour and Highlight Kit. The line sold out within an hour, raking in an estimated $14.4 million. 

This is nothing new for the Kardashian clan —  youngest sister Kylie Jenner’s lip kits and various other palettes regularly sell out. And Kardashian tells Yahoo Beauty that she was prepared. “I want it to be available. We’re trying to place reorders.”

“It’s a great feeling when it sells out, but I don’t want people to feel frustrated,” she says.

And she’s not stopping at the contour kits. Next up, Kardashian tells us, are “Amazing powder contours. You can layer the powder and cream together. And I’m getting an under-eye concealer kit ready.”

A love of cosmetics runs in her family, down to its youngest members. 

Kardashian says that daughter North, 4, is already an aficionado who knows her way around glosses and blushes. 

She plays with mom’s makeup “all the time,” Kardashian tells Yahoo Beauty. “We were leaving for a wedding on Sunday and she came in with lipstick on her face and we were so late. I had to wash it off. She loves doing makeovers.”

Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram

On whom, exactly? “On her dolls, on anyone. She painted Rapunzel’s hair red with lipstick. She’s very creative. She used a purple lip kit of Kylie’s and had purple dots on her face. That was hard to get off.”

She brought North and husband Kanye West to KKW’s launch party, and wowed in a simple white Vivienne Westwood frock and wet-looking hair, typical of her recently underdone look. Kardashian is a force in the fashion world and one of today’s biggest celebrities, and has been experimenting with makeup for years — usually with her longtime glam guru, Mario Dedivanovic. The two have traveled the world, holding master classes. She says she’s always wanted to do her own line but waited until the right moment. Meaning, until she could have full control and ownership, without simply licensing her name to someone else. 

Photo: Courtesy of KKW Beauty

“It had to be my vision. I don’t have a partner. I’m doing this all by myself. That to me was worth the wait,” she says.

The former queen of the turbocharged lashes and heavy foundation has emerged, in the past few months, looking her most natural. In general, it’s been part of the much more low-key approach she’s taken to life and what she shares on social media, in the way of her robbery in Paris. 

“When I go out, I love to do a glamorous look. I used to wear so much makeup on a daily basis but now I don’t have the time. But I warm up my skin with contour. I blend it so well. It gives me color and makes my face feel glowing and alive,” she says. 

Given that she also has son Saint, 1, at home, Kardashian has other priorities (plus, news broke after this interview was conducted that the Wests had reportedly hired a surrogate to bear their third child). That being said, her husband enjoys seeing his spouse at work on herself.

“He loves it when I do it, when I do my makeup myself. He thinks I’m such a good makeup artist. He likes it cleaner, but for a night out, he likes a smoky eye,” she says. 

Kardashian West faced backlash when she first posted photos on Instagram announcing KKW beauty. The accusation: that her skin was too dark. Yes, she paid attention to what was being said. 

“I want to be responsible and respectful. No one on this team brought this to my attention. I don’t think anyone thought it. But if people thought, I want to pay attention and take care of it and be respectful,” she says. 

Kardashian says she looks back on some of her more, ahem, vibrant beauty looks from the past with amusement, but has no regrets. “Overall, Mario and I will look back, and ask, ‘How did I wear so much under-eye concealer? And oh my god, those crazy lashes I would wear for everyday!”

Kardashian admittedly wore more makeup earlier in her career, like in this 2009 image. (Photo: Getty Images)

But her advice to anyone out there who’s afraid to try something new: Makeup isn’t scary. At worst, you won’t like it and can wash it off. 

“When I was 14, my dad for Christmas put me into a makeup school. They taught us to put on concealer and foundation. That was so helpful. You just have to go for it and do what you want to do. Don’t let anyone stop you,” she says. 

Say what you will about Kardashian, but she without question made curves and dark hair not just sexy, but ultradesirable. She’s the opposite of the waif, size-zero aesthetic that’s alive and well in Hollywood. 

“Obviously I was working with what I had. I’m happy if someone can say they can see a different kind of beauty from the looks Mario and I have created — there’s nothing that makes me more proud,” she says. 

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