Kim Kardashian reveals serious body insecurities after viral cellulite bikini photo

On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, while on a trip in Mexico for her sister Kourtney Kardashian's birthday, Kim Kardashian experienced a celebrity's worst nightmare: an unflattering bikini pic.

The picture in question was this photo taken by the paparazzi, which, subsequently, went viral.

After discovering the photos spreading like wildfire on the internet, Kim immediately had to "go inside and just start untagging" herself from the pictures on Instagram. However, despite her efforts, the photos ultimately ruined the trip. "I can't have fun after seeing those pics," said Kim. "There's other pics where I look so good, and it's just from a different angle. It's, like, literally giving me, like, body dysmorphia. I'm getting crazy."

Even though Kim has had years of experience being in the limelight and having photos taken of her from every angle, the reality star couldn't help but take it to heart as she shared to her friends, "I think people think I'm so confident, and I'm so secure, and I'm so this, and I'm not. Like, I'm so insecure. I just can't take it."

Later, back at home, Kim's best friend Jonathan Cheban decided to approach the subject with humor because, that's what best friends are for. "I know that you have cellulite, but it doesn't look like it looked in those pics. That was like 'Rocky Mountain High'," joked Jonathan. He continued, "I think I saw Abe Lincoln on your ass." But, all jokes aside, BFFs are also there to comfort you and maybe even offer some advice. So, Jonathan told Kim, "Not everybody's working together to, like, take you down, you know what I mean? So you need to, like, just pick your head back up."