Kim Kardashian West Shares Adorable Family Photo During Self-Isolation

Olivia Blair
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Updated 26/03/20: Kim Kardashian West has shared the most adorable photo on Instagram of her four children and husband Kanye West as they self-isolate during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, the beauty mogul posted the selfie on her social media platform and asked her fans: 'What is everyone doing to keep your kids entertained???

'As a family we are social distancing but need some fun ideas of what to do! Any suggestions would help!'

In the snap, the mother-of-four can be seen with her youngest son Psalm on her lap while her daughters Chicago and North sit on their father's lap. The couple eldest son Saint ,meanwhile, sits on the sofa beside them.

Last week, the reality star shared a photo of Psalm lying down with the caption: 'My baby boy is so handsome and sweet.'

The American government has formally recognised the mass killings in Armenia during the First World War as genocide.

One supporter of this is Kim Kardashian West, who has rallied the government for several years to consider the event - which saw at least hundreds of thousands of Armenian people killed - as a genocide, which is defined as 'the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethical, racial or religious group'.

Of Armenian heritage herself, Kardashian West's passion for the issue stems from her allegiance to the eastern European country, the birthplace of her late father, Robert Kardashian.

To celebrate the change in policy, Kardashian West shared a photo with her 150 million Instagram followers of herself with her children (from left to right: Saint, North, Psalm and Chicago) which was taken in Armenia earlier this month.

This is one of the few times Kardashian West has shared a photo of all her children, whose father is Kanye West, after baby boy Psalm joined the family, by way of a surrogate, in May of this year.

The SKIMS entrepreneur then shared another set of photo of herself with elder sister Kourtney and their daughters, North and Penelope against a stunning backdrop of brown mountains in the country.

Members of the famous family visited Armenia earlier this month, with Kim taking the opportunity to become baptised in the country's main cathedral along with her three youngest children Psalm, Chicago and Saint.

The family then visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial in the country's capital Yerevan to lay flowers and pay their respects.

Kim and Kourtney's younger sister, Khloe Kardashian also celebrated the decision on Twitter, saying the news is 'so huge for Armenians'.

On Wednesday, the US House of Representatives voted to recognise the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks, between 1915-1916 as genocide.

The issue is a contentious one and the question of whether the historical event should be considered a genocide is still disputed.

As the BBC explains, during World War One Ottoman Turks deported Armenians 'en masse from eastern Anatolia to the Syrian desert and elsewhere' resulting in many being murdered or dying from starvation or disease.

Photo credit: Hayk Baghdasaryan - Getty Images

The death toll is disputed, with Armenians long regarding the number of victims as 1.5 million, while Turkey says it is was a few hundred thousand.

Turkey continues to resist recognising the events as a genocide and the vote in the US comes amid tensions between the US and Turkey due to the country's recent offensive in Syria in Kurdish controlled regions. In response to the news from Washington DC on Wednesday, the Turkish government condemned the decision.

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