Kim Petras looks unreal in naked pictures from behind the scenes of new music video

Kim Petras looks unreal in naked pictures from behind the scenes of new music video

In news we totally weren't expecting today, but are completely obsessed with, Kim Petras just dropped not one, but two, incredibly stunning new naked pictures, and we're going to need a minute to recover.

The singer, 31, took to Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) over the weekend (21st October) to share two new nude pictures of herself from behind the scenes of the City Girls' music video 'Flashy', which Kim featured on.

Kim posted two pictures of herself in a long black trench coat, black stiletto heels, a black beret, sunnies, loads of silver jewellery, oh and she was completely naked underneath the coat btw.

The nude trench coat look is from the music video 'Flashy' which was released two days ago, and sees Kim, alongside JT and Yung Miami from the City Girls, rap and sing about being flashy with their designer brands and private jets.

And Kim appeared to take the phrase "I'm flashy" quite literally in the music video when, in one scene, she unfastens her black trench coat to reveal she's naked underneath. And honestly, she's shining.

Kim captioned the images: "PRETTY LIKE A TRANSGENDER" which is a lyric from JT from the City Girls' solo track 'No Bars'.

It's safe to say Kim's fans (us included) were obsessed with the carousel of pictures, with one person commenting: "Can confirm she literally shines. Gorgeous." And another said: "This took me ooooouuttttt."

Also included in the carousel of images were a close up of the jewels Kim wore for another scene in the music video, in which she appeared to be channeling her inner Madonna, and giving it all the 'Material Girl' energy with a pink latex dress and diamond look.

Honestly, it's just Kim's world and we're living in it.

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