Kimera to debut K39 race car on June 22

Whatever the Italian is for "dark horse," this is that thing. Kimera Automobili, makers of the sublime rear-wheel-drive Kimera 037 and all-wheel-drive Kimera 038, are headed to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with the Kimera K39. Kimera didn't reveal that destination, but the clues are overwhelming. And if the K39 does debut in the mountains, it won't be racing. A series of Instagram posts on Kimera's official account tells us, "The summit is up there, in the land of dreamers, where the air is thin." The caption advises us to stay tuned for an unveiling on June 22. None of the mountains in the background is Pikes Peak, but scene sure looks like it could be Colorado, and where the sky should be, there's a billowing American flag.






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A June 22 reveal precludes being part of the race to the clouds since Pikes Peak happens the next day, June 23. Cars are already prepping and testing, and Kimera doesn't show anywhere among the 62 entries.

No matter. The K39 could do a demo run or be a static display, we'd be happy. Based on Kimera's other cars, we suspect we'll like the sounds and looks of this one, too. The Italian boutique carmaker previewed the K39 last year, tipping it to be a reborn version of the Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo that won the World Sportscar Championship in 1980 and 1981. In 1979, Lancia used the Beta Montecarlo to evaluate a World Rally Championship car for the coming Group B regulations, laying the early blueprint for what would be the Lancia 037 that took the WRC trophy in 1983 — and, by extension, the blueprint for the Kimera 037 as well.

Even if the K39 doesn't make a hot run up Pikes Peak, Kimera says the car will "launch a challenge to modern motorsport," so we're going to see it in competition somewhere. Although this is the first track-only product to come from the company, Kimera says it's already evaluating a small run of road-legal versions. Somehow, we think that's going to happen. But first, let's see what gives in a few days time in Colorado.

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