Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Fox News Plan to Spin a Biden Debate Victory


Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel thinks Fox News is scared of how Donald Trump will perform when he takes to the stage at the first presidential debate of the 2024 election, scheduled for June 27.

“The gang at Fox News is hard at work coming up with an excuse for if Biden does well at the debate,” Kimmel said. “After spending the past two nights peddling a very misleading clip that claims to show Biden freezing up, Sean Hannity’s now back to the ‘if Trump loses the debate, it’s because Biden’s on drugs’ routine.”

Kimmel showed a clip of Hannity arguing to Lara Trump this week that Biden will likely be taking some sort of drug during the debate, be it coffee or something slightly more nefarious–mirroring Trump’s claim in April that Biden was “higher than a kite” during his 2024 State of the Union address.

Hannity backed the idea that Biden should be drug-tested, and Kimmel was happy to call his bluff: “Let’s do it. Let’s test the president for caffeine. Let’s test Trump for Adderall and Cialis. Let’s see how the tests come out.”

Kimmel mocked the very idea of Biden relying on any special stimulant drug for his big public appearances. “I mean, who in the world is buying this idea that there’s some magic debate pill you can take… It’s all nuts. It’s just all nuttiness.”

The late-night host also marveled at how Biden got Trump to agree to the debate rules, which include muting candidates when it’s not their time to talk and not allowing either candidate to bring notes on stage with them.

“Trump has apparently agreed to these rules,” Kimmel said, “which is something to keep in mind ten days from now when he claims the whole thing was rigged against him.”

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