King wins Mulgrave council seat

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GUYSBOROUGH – The Town of Mulgrave held a special election on July 30 to fill the council seat left vacant when Crystal Durling resigned in May.

That evening Debbie King was declared the winner, garnering 147 votes of the 259 cast.

The two other candidates running for the council seat — Amber Carrigan and Trevor Decoste — received 90 and 22 votes, respectively.

The Journal spoke with King on Sunday evening (July 31) about the election win. She said she was very excited about the result and wanted to, “thank the people who came out and voted and supported me. It was overwhelming…I look forward to addressing any challenges that we have and to build and grow our beautiful town.”

Voter turnout was approximately 45.5 per cent. The Journal asked King what she would like to say to those who did not vote in the election.

She said that during her campaign she encouraged people to vote, “because that’s how you have a say…I think it’s important that they take part whether it’s through a vote or attending council meetings.”

Given Mulgrave’s aging population, King focused on door-to-door campaigning in addition to social media. She said, “Being able to get personal contact with residents and to hear their suggestions, ideas and concerns, I think was a great experience that gives me a better outlook when I become part of council.”

Speaking of her fellow candidates, King said it was good to see the interest in running for town council, adding that Carrigan, who came in second, had great energy, determination and interest in the town.

“I would love to see her continue in future elections to come.”

As she prepares to be sworn in as Mulgrave town councillor in September, King is looking forward to taking her seat and being a part of the team working to make good things happen in the place she calls home.

Lois Ann Dort, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Guysborough Journal

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