Kings Playhouse seeks to be emergency warming station

A group in the eastern P.E.I. community of Georgetown has applied to the Three Rivers council to become the local warming centre in the event of extended power outages.

The board of the Kings Playhouse has made a presentation to the council. Playhouse board member Ray Brow said the Playhouse has ample parking, accessible entrances and restrooms, a large multi-purpose hall and theatre, a Department of Health certified kitchen and a room available for short-term family accommodation

Brow said the Playhouse also has a team of people willing to help out.

"We're referring to them as storm troopers that are going to come in in the event of an emergency," he said. "They will open the building. They will set up the reception area. They'll set up the tables, serve the coffee."

The theatre would also have certified staff available to work in the kitchen.

More amenities planned

The Playhouse plans to apply to the Community Revitalization Program — Rural Growth Initiative to add services to enhance its role as a warming centre.

That includes an emergency generator, cellphone charging stations, two electric vehicle charging stations, additional ground-floor shower facilities and a well hook up with a manual switch-over valve to supply water when the municipal system is not available.

The town already has a proposal from the Georgetown fire department for a generator, which could also allow it to become a warming centre.

Three Rivers Mayor Ed MacAulay said council is evaluating the theatre's application, as well as the one from the fire department, which is located across the street from the playhouse.

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