Kirkland Lake waives landfill tipping fees for flood-related waste

KIRKLAND LAKE - In light of its ongoing flooding, Kirkland Lake has waived its landfill tipping fees for hazardous waste stemming from the crisis.

The town called an emergency council meeting, which was held virtually this afternoon (April 15). Council approved waiving the fees for property owners and residents.

Mayor Stacy Wight, councillors Dolly Dikens, Casey Owens and Lad Shaba were in attendance. The town’s clerk Jennifer Montreuil, CAO Alan Smith and Director of Public Works Stephane Fortin also partook in the meeting.

Smith said the expenses are eligible for reimbursement under the municipal disaster recovery assistance program through the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, but only if the ministry deems the flooding events as an emergency.

“There are a number of criteria that the town must meet, so we are currently working with the ministry to determine if we are eligible for that program,” he said.

A state of emergency was declared in Kirkland Lake on Friday, April 12 because the flooding was overloading the sanitary system. The next morning, the town noted the situation had “significantly improved" and water levels at lift stations had subsided and the system is effectively managing flow.

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To qualify for the waived fees, Fortin said people will be required to show identification.

“The process of the landfill will be very similar to any other date. You meet with the landfill attendants and you let them know that you're there to dispose of materials that were from the flood damage,” he said. “We will ask for ID, we will record your address and name, and the fees will be waived for these people.”

Shaba asked if they’re limiting the number of visits people can make. Fortin said no, but that individuals must show ID every time.

Fortin said the waived fees won’t be limited to those who are immediately adjacent to Murdock Creek and Rand Creek, which are the waterways that flooded.

“It's absolutely understandable that others will be coming to ask for help for these tipping fees,” he said.

The town has also postponed its public meeting for the business holiday exemption bylaw and regular council meeting that were set to be held tomorrow (April 16).

Marissa Lentz, Local Journalism Initiative,