Kitsilano Pool re-opens after renovations

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Kitsilano Pool re-opens after renovations

Kits Pool is set to re-open Saturday after months of renovations and millions of dollars in repairs.

The goal of the $3.3 million facelift was to make the pool run more efficiently, with less water and energy waste.

The upgrades will reduce the use of potable water by 80 per cent with the use of electric pumps that cycle seawater through the pool, making the water feel saltier for a more buoyant swimming experience, according to Donnie Rosa, director of recreation with the Vancouver Park Board.

"Ultimately, you'll feel the difference more than you'll see it," Rosa told CBC's Margaret Gallagher.

"They tell me you'll float better… for the avid swimmer they'll probably feel it more rather than a person who's coming to just play in the water."

The use of electric power will eliminate the need for gas-powered pumps to replenish and remove seawater, which required closing part of the seawall around the pool.

Crews also removed and replaced the pool basin membrane, including caulking and gutter repairs, and repaired the pool deck structure.

The last time the pool saw significant repairs was 40 years ago when the city installed a new pump system for $2.2 million.

In addition to Kitsilano, other outdoor public pools open for the season this Saturday at 9 a.m., including New Brighton Pool, Second Beach Pool in Stanley Park, and the outdoor swimming area at the Hillcrest Aquatic Centre.

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