KMHC getting a new crop of family doctors

Locals who do not yet have a family doctor are encouraged to get themselves on a waiting list immediately after the Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre announced last week that four new family doctors would be joining the ranks of health professionals at the centre.

Doctors Si Wen Jin, and Handsun Xiao have already been offering family medicine services whereas Dr. Nathalie Gans, and Dr. Jennifer Campbell will start this month.

KMHC’s director of professional services Dr. Rachel Eniojoukan said the addition of the four physicians will allow KMHC to better serve the community and looks after its health needs, given the province-wide shortage of family doctors.

“Family physicians are the linchpin of our heathcare system, providing front-line services while referring patients for specialized care as required,” Eniojoukan said “Our community, like communities across Quebec and Canada, has suffered from a shortage of family doctors for some time. The recruitment of these four talented physicians is a critical step forward, allowing us to better serve residents who have been on a waiting list for some time.”

Those who do not yet have a family doctor are encouraged to contact KMHC to get on a waiting list as soon as possible. Residents without a family doctor who are not already on the waiting list should call (450) 638-3930 ext. 2468 and provide their full name, date of birth and telephone number in order to be added to the list.

For children five and under who do not have a family physician, call (450) 638-3930 ext. 2344. Interested families can leave a message with your telephone number as well as the child’s full name and date of birth.

Additionally, the KMHC has started a new clinic called the KMHC Access Clinic for locals who have a chronic health condition but who do not have access to a family doctor. The service – which KMHC stressed was only for those who do not have a family doctor but do have an active file at KMHC – can be accessed by calling the KMHC Access Clinic at (450) 638-3930 ext. 2224 for an appointment. They should leave a message with their full name, date of birth, reason for an appointment and telephone number. Those messages will be returned in 10 business days or less, a KMHC statement indicated.

Eniojoukan suggested the Access Clinic would be available for those with chronic health conditions such as to “support community members with a chronic medical condition, such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic lung disease and mental illness. I wish to stress that this service is for users who don’t have a family doctor.”

The new doctors are getting their feet under them right now, so Eniojoukan stressed patience for locals trying to meet with a family doctor.

“We appreciate being on a waiting list is frustrating for everyone, and please rest assured that we are continuing our efforts to strengthen our family medicine unit,” she said.

To get on the waiting list for a family doctor, call (450) 638-3930 ext. 2468. For children under five, call (450) 638-3930 ext. 2344. To reach the Access Clinic, call (450) 638-3930 ext. 2224.

Marc Lalonde, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Iori:wase