Know a good-looking tree? Nominate it for the 2024 Ontario tree pageant

Do you have a tree in your neighbourhood that is so lush, green and healthy that it could win a beauty pageant?

Maybe that's not as far-fetched as it sounds. You could help it become the 2024 Tree of the Year by Tree Trust.

The goal is to bring more attention and appreciation for deserving trees across Ontario.

The tree will proudly wear this sash as Centre Wellington's Tree of the Year winner.
This tree won in 2023 and proudly wore a sash as Centre Wellington's Tree of the Year winner. (Aastha Shetty/CBC)

Toni Ellis, the executive director of Tree Trust in Centre Wellington, says last year's winner in Fergus, Ont. was thrown a little party and even got to wear a sash.

"It is all about helping communities identify important, meaningful, significant trees in their community. People will be invited to recommend a tree that they think deserves to have some public acknowledgement and accolades," she said.

"So many of us are worried about the state of the planet and climate change and so on. Taking care of our trees is one thing we can all be doing to be part of the solution."

You can find out how to nominate your pretty tree by going to the Tree Trust website and contacting your local chapter.

There are separate selection committees for trees located in various parts of Ontario, including Centre Wellington, Toronto Island and the Town of Blue Mountains.