What you need to know to not end up stranded in a snowstorm

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What you need to know to not end up stranded in a snowstorm

During last weekend's storm, the RCMP had calls from more than a dozen motorists who were stranded on the road — or in a ditch.

Friday's storm promises a repeat of those conditions, and Cst. Jamie Parsons with the RCMP traffic unit has some advice for motorists.

First, he pointed out in an email, that if the plows are off the road it's only a matter of time until the roads are impassable, so if staying home is an option, do it.

For those who have to go to work, consider heading out before or very early in the storm.

If people are at work, consider staying there. If a storm is in the forecast, pack and prepare to do that.

Christer Waara/CBC
Christer Waara/CBC

The next tip: make sure you have enough gas in the car.

"Even if you lose power at home you may be able to wait it out in the warmth of your car," Parsons said.

"You can also charge your wireless devices in your car."

Also for those who have to be on the road, make sure to be dressed and ready for the weather.

"You should also have snacks, water and your phone and charger with you," he said.

"And finally, ensure you have good tires on your vehicle and carry a shovel and an emergency kit."

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