I Know I Shouldn't Laugh, But These 19 Extremely Dumb Things People Posted On The Internet Last Week Are Absolutely Killing Me

1.On those darn kids:

Meme text: "And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you metaling kids!"

2.On those little, special somethings:

Text reads "I go crazy for small jesters"

3.On my man Joe:

Banjo with damaged skin on a frayed blanket, grass background, screenshot of an online sale listing for $10

4.On the hand you're delt:

A screenshot of a social media conversation with emoji reactions and text discussing someone's resilience in a situation

5.On true bonds:

Exchange of humorous comments on social media about the strong chemistry between two individuals, with increasing engagement and likes

6.On beautiful decorations:

Brass wall-mounted candle holder with pink candles, advertised for sale

7.On switchin' it up:

Text message exchange with a typo, one person is excited for a change of pace, but types "paste" instead

8.On miming:

Correction of term from "lip singing" to "lip-syncing" in social media comments

9.On the game of chess:

Screenshot of a social media comment complimenting someone's strategic move, comparing it to a chess checkmate

10.On big egos:

A screenshot of a social media comment criticizing a person named Gaetz, urging others to vote them out

11.On eggs:

Two poached eggs on slices of toast, seasoned with pepper, on a plate

12.On irony:

Ice cream truck with "Eat The Rich" slogan; comments on price below

13.On theories:

Comment discussing scientific theories, misunderstanding the difference between 'theory' in science and colloquial use

14.On porous landlords:

Screen capture of a social media post with text stating 'Help! Landlord trying to charge absorbent amount.'

15.On a delicious mortar:

Mortar and pestle on a counter with price label, titled "Mortar and pesto" for $25

16.On change:

Social media screenshot with text: "Congratulations to myself, change is in editable."

17.On getting things done:

Comment thread from a social platform; two users discuss taking action, with one suggesting a 'foul sweep' and another punning 'fell swoop.'

18.On laughs of the past:

User's screenshot of a comment with a humorous reaction to content, including a laughing emoji

19.And on perseverance:

Text message exchange with a humorous misunderstanding of the phrase "sí se puede."

Hey, at least they tried.