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Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner just might be aging backwards with chic new platinum blonde hair. (Photo: Instagram/Kris Jenner)

Kris Jenner is taking a walk on the blond side

While Kim Kardashian West has been teasing the idea of going back to dark hair, her mother on the other hand, has been playing with lighter hues.

Back in October 2017, Kris Jenner went viral after showing off a photo of herself wearing a fur scarf and bright blond hair. While her daughters have opted for the lighter hue time and time again, it was a huge shock to see Jenner shy away from her signature deep brunette cropped cut. Turns out, the 62-year-old was wearing a wig that time around.

The reality star is back a second time around wearing what appears to be a real version of the shade. She shared a photo of herself with her fresh new look and called out hair artist, Chris Appleton as being the mane master behind her new hair color.

This might be Jenner’s first time walking on the blonde side, but she joins a gang of other celebrities including everyone from Serena Williams to Selena Gomez who have taken a walk on the blond side. Ahead, check out 13 of Hollywood’s favorite people rocking their own unique versions of the popular hue.

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